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The temperature below 40 degrees Celsius could cause damage to stucco or et. Before you start repairs, ensure that the temperature at night has reached 40°. Windy, dry, and scorching weather may cause problems as they can suck off the moisture required for the mix’s cure in a proper manner.

If you don’t want the stucco’s installation to dry out rapidly, be aware of not working in the sunlight. Work in shade, and covering the stucco with the use of a plastic sheet helps keep it moist between coating jobs.

It is important to remember that the acid content may cause burns. This is why you must exercise caution by wearing gloves and avoiding contact with the mix of stucco using the hands of your own. Additionally, you should have water handy in case you happen to get any cement on your skin.

It’s equally important to ensure that your coating is permeable to water vapor and alkaline tolerant. Also, make sure to finish your coating properly so that it matches the surroundings.


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