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tudents who need financial assistance to attend school. This video gives a general overview of the tax credits.

Catholic Education Arizona can help you support your children’s education. It is the first step to determine your tax liability to Arizona. This information is available on line 49 in your last tax return.

If the tax credit you receive is not enough to cover your entire tax liability, you can make use of it. It can be done via mail, telephone or online. Individual filers are able to contribute $1135 while joint filers are able to contribute $2269.

The general scholarship fund in order to aid those most in desperate need. Tax credits can be given to schools in particular. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be supporting the next generation of leaders in America.

You are able to choose how tax dollars will be spent, and give financial assistance to the most who are in dire need. For more details about tax credits, watch the video linked below.


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