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A part of the outdoor kitchen. If you’re an eater then a pizza oven could be added. Side burners can give you additional space for cooking on the stovetop, and can help to prepare larger meals.

It’s essential to have a sink to clean up any messes or to be able to wash your hands after handling raw meat. It isn’t necessary to leave your house, and you’ll be less likely to contaminate any doorknobs.

An excellent option is an outdoor refrigerator that is able to hold cold drinks. If you drink, you can use a Kegerator to get cold beverages on tap. It is possible to put a smaller keg stored in your fridge to allow you to have room for soda or bottled water as well.

Another great tool is an griddle with a flat top. It is a great tool to cook whatever you like such as bacon, roast vegetables.

The storage drawer are essential, to ensure that there’s no need to rush in the dark for things you’ll need while cooking outside. These could be utensils and cookware, as well as spice and other ingredients.


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