Website Optimization Services

Website Optimization Services

Search engine rankings

The overwhelming majority of American adults on the Internet will use a search engine at least once during the day. In fact, 58% of prospective customers utilize a search engine to find out more about a particular service or product, which constitutes many more shoppers than the 24% who go directly to a company’s website, or the 18% who use social media websites to inquire.

With this in mind, your small business could benefit greatly from investing in online marketing, namely search engine optimization (SEO). Over 14.5% of the leads that are culled from SEO efforts result in sales, compared to the meager 1.7% of converted leads from outbound methods such as print advertising.

A critical component of SEO marketing is that you cater to mobile web users, who research companies from their smartphones and tablets instead of using desktop or laptop computers. Sixty-five percent of these online users rely use these devices to make their purchasing decisions regarding companies in their area. Forty-eight percent of these prospective customers specifically look for deals and reviews on their tablets or smartphones.

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