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According to Forbes According to Forbes cost of roof replacements is roughly $8,000, giving an approximate estimate of the amount you could be spending on the job.

Before you hire a contractor take on the task, you should keep in mind the average cost of replacing your roof will run about $5,443 to $11,209 (may differ based on the dimension of your roof) In the case of an area of 2200 square feet with a typical cost of asphalt shingles would be around $2,500. It is also advisable to compare different quotations to avoid becoming overcharged by contractors.

The roofing area significantly determines the cost of installation. Garage roofs are less expensive than a home roof. If this is the case, the cost for the replacement of a garage roof is considerably lower than the average cost of replacing your home’s roof. In the case of your roof, you’ll have to figure out the rough estimates taking into consideration that a typical replacement cost of any roof in square foot is around $4.35 or $11.

Regardless, the article will focus on three choices to replace your roofing. Follow the article to determine which one best suits the needs of your home.

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