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or on-site location, foundations, drainage or batteranchors, as well as. To ensure a sturdy walls for your retaining walls, ensure that you bury the bottom course or any other course at least one-tenth of the height of your wall. To get gravity working for you, step away from timber, blocks, and rock to prevent any tension in your wall.

A variety of reasons can lead to your wall’s retaining structure to fail Most often, the first sign of wall failure is a crack on the vertical, horizontal, and stair steps. The failures could be due to inadequate reinforcement, poor drainage foundation footings, weak foundations, soil expansion, over-loading the wall, design faults or incorrect calculation.

One of the best things is that it is possible to incorporate the wall you have built into the beauty of your home by creating beautiful landscaping options that increase the value of your house. If you choose to build it with a good plan and design according to the professionals Your retaining walls are sure to serve you for years because of their ease of maintenance environmental, space-saving and friendly.


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