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The home you live in can be customized by customizing your blinds or shades. In this video, we will show you the steps to set up blinds and shades should you decide to avoid the assistance of an expert installation team.

The most commonly used style of installation is the inside mount. That is, it’s that the mount is within the confines within the frame of the window. You can mount shades or blinds straight to the ceiling or exterior mounts which extend past the edges of windows.

You should have a step ladder, level, drill, measuring tape as well as screwdrivers and pencils as well as a helper for larger windows. Also, you’ll need security glasses, drill bits and anchors for drywall if working on drywall that isn’t stud-less.

The installation of your brackets is the first step you need to take care of. If you’re lacking or can’t find the rods and studs, this is to use the drywall anchors. Set your brackets in the wall and mark in pencil where they will go. In the next step, prepare the holes in your brackets and then align them.

The next step is easy If the brackets have been installed in a proper manner. Slide the blinder shade inside the brackets. That’s it! Now , you’re able to test to check that the blinds or shade closes, opens, and tilts smoothly.


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