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While ardwood flooring is durable however, they may be damaged easily. regular maintenance of hardwood floors is crucial to protect the strength and beauty of hardwood floors over time. Keep reading to learn more regarding hardwood flooring maintenance.

Make sure you vacuum regularly and sweep in areas with high circulation. Use the soft bristle broom, or vacuum that does not have brushes that rotate to prevent damaging your hardwood flooring. You should clean high-traffic areas including the hallway close to your front entrance more often.

Second, you should clean up any spillages immediately. Utilize a gentle cloth and a floor cleaner made of hardwood to clean any spillages. Apply the cleaner to the cloth and then scrub the flooring gently.

Thirdly, remove the shoes when not using them. The floors of hardwood can be damaged by shoes that are too high or too low.

Keep your pet’s nails tidy. When the nails of your pet are neatly cut free of dirt and gravel, you will avoid pet-caused scratches on your floors made of wood.

For additional hardwood flooring maintenance tips, watch the video below!


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