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offers a practical window solution, where he shows Emily the homeowner how to set up energy-efficient windows for replacement. Tom takes Emily step-by-step through replacing an old window in the clip titled “How to Replace Windows The For the House”.

The process of changing windows begins with precise measurements. The measurements will be required in order to place an order for the new window. Security features include weather stripping and double-paned glass which have gas argon between them and windows that are replaced.

The window that was previously installed is taken from the frame with care, and then removed stopping beads, the parting beads and staples. Storm windows can also be removed.

Then, you can lift the window to position it. You should find the new windows that are energy efficient and fit well into the existing window. Tom mentions that the space across the window should be checked in this step to verify that it’s weighted. Windows are screwed into its place using shims which are placed at suitable points.
And finally, Tom reinstalls the stop beads and caulking on the edges of the windows to ensure windows remain weather-proof. w7h3a5ucz4.

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