Three Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that Google mows the lawns of its headquarters using goats? In addition, Google created the first Google “doodle” in 1998. Although Google may have some unconventional tendencies, it still owns approximately 70% of the search engine market share. As a result, websites must implement several SEO, or search engine optimization, strategies in order to rank higher on Google results pages. By utilizing the following internet marketing techniques, your website will be able to earn more web traffic.

1. Content creation. Used by 75% of all marketers, content creation is quickly becoming one of the most popular internet marketing techniques. This strategy involves creating keyword-rich articles

Three SEO Trend Predictions For 2014

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Each and every year, search engine optimization strategies shift and change with the ebb and flow of the modifications that sites like Google make to their algorithms. In the recent past, there’s been a bigger shift towards inbound tactics, as businesses are finding more success with online marketing strategies like content publication, rather than embedded advertisements.

As 2013 comes to a close, many wonder what changes the field of SEO will undergo in 2014. Here are some of the most likely SEO marketing trends for the next year.

Image Content Will Play a Bigger R

Top Ways That SEO Can Help You to Grow Your Business

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Did you know that 65 percent of mobile Internet users rely on their smartphone or tablet to find a local business in order to make a purchase? Whether you run or own a business that does a considerable amount of work online, you should be getting in contact professional web designer companies that can help you increase the quality of your site. The best custom web design companies will be able to help you navigate the complicated world of quality and responsive web design and probably help you punch up your SEO work as well. Professional web designers will be able to help you figure out how to use SEO tools and responsive web design so your website ranks higher and keeps people more engaged . Here are a few ways that affordable web design can help promote and even improve your website.

Did you know that Google rec