Learn How Google Has Paved the Way for Some Really Effective Marketing Strategies

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When Google was in their research project stage, its founders used LEGO bricks to create a storage compartment for the 10 4-GB hard drives they were using to test the PageRank algorithm. “PageRank” is named after Google’s co-founder, Larry page and is the algorithm process used to assign specific website rankings for search results. Today, Google has grown to own about 70% of Internet search engine market share, which would require probably billions of LEGO bricks to compartmentalize their data servers.

Google and PageRank have allowed an effective online marketing strategy to come into fruition. This online marketing strategy, known as search engine optimization (SEO) works to improve the visibility and online traffic of a websi

In Today’s World Interent Marketing Is Essential, Especially Effective SEO

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In today’s word, more and more consumers are turning to the internet to find the products and services that they need. Therefore, online marketing is an integral part of running a business. Important aspects of online marketing include SEO, social media marketing, and web design.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a particularly important aspect of online marketing, as consumers are increasingly using search engines to find products and services to purchase. In fact, over 100 billion global searches are conducted online each month an

How SEO Adds Punch to Your Business

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Search engines

What is it you really need to be placed high up in Google rankings? Further, what is it you need to make people continually want to come back to your website? To answer those questions you first need to consider how the creator of modern Seo marketing advertises itself on the web.

Google continues to take innovative, eye catching approaches to marketing itself. Consider the doodles they place on their search site for special occasions. They are a fun way to get consumers excited about their product. In 1998, Google’s first doodle was of the Burning Man. This was to inform their users that they were at the famous Nevada festival. Now consider the company’s first ever tweet. It said, “I’m feeling lu

What Everyone Needs to Know About SEO

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Online marketing

Google search engine optimization is important. It is important for both the person looking for results and the site that is trying to increase traffic. What does the typical web surfer do? See if you the typical Google user.

75 percent of people do not click past the first page on search engines. This is probably because people either found what they were looking for, or believe that anything past the first page will be too irrelevant for what they are looking for.

42 percent of people will go to the top search engine ranking. This means that the person sees enough key words to be relevant. It also means that the site used SEO properly, causing it to be more relevant and most likely more credible.

Were you in that group? You probably are most of the time. Now what about the websites that desperately want to raise their Google rankings? This part will help them with knowledge on how to understand search engine optimization.

Outbound leads, like cold calling, may not be as profitable as has been believed. Search engine optimization, which is an inbound lead, cost 61 percent less.

Organic search results, results that come up due to relevance of the search, have one quarter more activity (beyond plainly viewing content) by viewers than pay per click advertisements. This means that a site should be devoting its time to SEO rather than paying to be at the top of the search result list as an ad.

As a follow up and the final piece of information, business to business marketers claim that search engine optimization is the greatest factor in lead generation. In fact, 57 percent of the B2B marketers claim that.

Google has been on a mini campaign, you could say, to educate content creators and website owners that search engine optimization is the more rewarding choice for a site. I hope this campaign proves to be successful, because SEO is the way to go.

Search Engines Are A Businesses Best Friend

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Did you know that goats make great lawn mowers? You probably did, but you would not expect that a massive company like Google rents goats as lawn mowers from a grazing company, would you? At least a company that basically runs the world of search engines is animal friendly in a unique way.

Search engines are not only useful but they are also extremely popular. The first time someone visits an internet page there is a 93 percent chance that they head to search engines sites first. When companies are considering the use of SEO their main goal is to get high up in search engine rankings. This way, people who use search engines will notice when their domain name is up in the rankings.

The density of any key word that is searched on search engines will matter very much when internet users are attempting to find websites. By having a higher key word density, websites will automatically have a better chance at getting higher up in rankings when their key word is searched.

The importance of businesses keeping up with the technology related to search engines is obvious in this situation. Especially because over half of the dollars spent in the U.S. retail sector will be influenced by online marketing and web presence by 2016.

Search engine optimization improves the overall content visibility and quality of the organic ranking of a website. With the use of internet marketing, companies are able to increase their profits in a non invasive way. Instead of having to use the ads that come up on every paid website business owners have the option to use SEO. This is important because search engine users will avoid paid advertisements in lieu of clicking on only organic links.

With the use of internet marketing businesses, small or large, can use search engines to their advantage. With the help of a professional company, businesses can use the internet to gain more customers and profits.