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If you are using mechanical or electrical appliances like a commercial heater, be sure to consult the manual of the manufacturer. Asphalt roofing, as well as other durable elements require a higher maintenance schedulethat can exceed three years. It is possible to use historical data as well. In other words, how often has your paving been maintained over the years?

It’s not necessary for a maintenance program to be preemptive, for at least the initial phase. It’s easy to see how often a particular feature needs maintenance and then create a strategy. Like, for instance what is the time it will take your lawn to develop to an unhealthy level?

4. Software System to organize Maintenance Tasks

Each business should automatize their processes. According to Analytics Insights, 80% of firms will introduce intelligent automation into their processes by 2025. Automation can help establish a maintenance schedule for commercial buildings.

The process of creating work orders are part of a maintenance program. As an example, you could say, “Inspect and maintain the lubrication of HVAC pumps each year.’ Maintenance software could be utilized to generate work orders for routine maintenance scheduled at specific times. You can also include the standard operating procedure to ensure that maintenance happens in the exact same way at all times.

The maintenance schedule of the automated structure should include your personnel as well as the time. Set reminders, or write a note about the state of your asset. Automation will make it easier for you to identify which parts require attention and perform adjustments.

5. Plan for an Energy Audit

Commercial structures within the U.S. account for 20% of all energy consumption. As per the U.S. Department of Energy however, 30% of all energy consumed is wasted in commercial buildings. Tuning up operations and monitoring energy consumption could help to reduce energy consumption in your building.

A energy audit


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