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You can do the stump removal yourself. It will help you reduce time as well as teach the process.

In this blog, will know about tree stump removal manually, with wedges, or the wedge’s system.

1. Cut the Stump

First, cut the stump on the ground. The goal is to get it as in proximity to the ground as you can.

2. Dig Around the Stump

You will do two things to clear the area as well as taking note of where the root system is. The root system that is secure at the base is comprised of all stumps as well as four to five main roots. To open it the root system, you must dig.

3. cutting the main Base Roots and Cross Cut

You will need to cut your main roots to ensure you have a stump with the taproot flowing across. You also have to cut one cross at the top of the stump, to form four quarters.

4. Making the Wedges

An old scrap of wood is all you need. However, the best hardwoods can be used to make wedges. Cut as many as you’d like. About ten pieces perhaps, in various dimensions.

5. Cut to the width

Utilizing a sledgehammer you need to push your wedge into the cut in between two quarters. Additionally, you can use larger wedges to widen the gap until the stump disappears.

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