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This removes the growth not needed and encourages new growth. This video will show proper pruning, and when is the best time to prune.

When deciding when to prune your tree’s branches, the species and the desired results will are the main factors that determine when you need to give the required tree maintenance. However, regardless of the type of tree it is the best time to prune the tree would be during its phase of dormancy. It’s usually at the end of the fall season and in early spring. To enhance flowering, prune the plants after they’ve died and fully formed.

The use of scissor-cuts shears is essential to proper tree care. A pruning saw a pole saw and cutting tools are great for the larger branches. For a simpler job and more efficient, choose from gas or electric powered pole saws. Make sure your blades are in good shape to ensure the highest quality results.

When working with trees, your safety is the most important factor. It is recommended to wear ladders, hard hat, gloves and safety goggles. Before you start tree care ensure that you check for any hanging branches. q5zofduypi.

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