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There was a belief that fleas could be deterred through the strong scent of a privy in the Middle Ages. The idea was to hang clothes over latrines — and put them on. Native Americans burnt root vegetables in order to produce smoke which dissuaded bugs away from humans and horses.

Thankfully, you can buy pest control products online now. More bug control modern ways comprise repellents and baits as well as foggers, and sprays that are available over the counter. They’re great to deal mitigating ticks, fleas insects, mosquitoes, roaches and insects.

Pest control is necessary in the case of certain insects like bedbugs and termites. Because termites can be difficult to reach, they live in huge colonies. Since bed bugs are flat-bodied, they may hide in cracks and voids. They also avoid contact with foggers or sprays. One of the best ways to get out of the bed bug problem is to employ an insect control company that can provide at least two treatments.

The chemicals used to kill termites and bed bugs can be hazardous if used improperly. They aren’t sold in shops or through online stores. They need to be handled by professionals who can kill pests and protect you from harm. wn5scyhfqb.

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