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g damage to walls and ceilings. Gutters that are blocked can result in interior water leaks. Furthermore, ice dams may make snow melt underneath your roof shingles in winter, leading to potential roof destruction.

Potential buyers can deduct the expenses of replacing the system that is not equipped with working gutters. So, making sure you have a gutter cover that can prevent debris and dirt which could block the gutter is wise.

8. You must empty your septic tank

A thorough examination of your septic system is an item buyers want. Prior to selling your home making sure that the system is working properly is critical. Buyers may demand you to reduce the cost of repairs on your asking price, that means you sell the property with a lesser value. Selling a house with an septic tank that is leaking can be a costly legal issue.

How can you be sure the sanitation tank is ready to be used for a home sale, you may ask? You only need to clean a system one time after three to five years. Some states have requirements that it be cleaned out prior to the time you can sell your house. To make sure you get maximum value of your home make sure you empty your septic tank prior to selling it. To make sure that the system operates smoothly make sure you hire an expert contractor for the pumping of your septic.

9. The House for Rodents is open for viewing

Your home could be an ideal habitat for rats. This can be a bit shocking. Many potential buyers will not even go through your home when they see signs of pest infestation. Rodents’ presence could cause health problems for patients suffering from autoimmune conditions. Recent National Library of Medicine research suggests that properties with signs of rodent infestations in the past or in the present, are worth at most 9.9 percent less.

If you are a resident of your home, you might think that your house is free from pests. Be sure to avoid any unpleasant surprises later. Start by introducing


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