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The settlement you receive covers your medical expenses as well as lost wages, and compensation for loss and pain. This video will show the fees that car accident lawyers will charge in order for you to budget.

There’s an array of cost structures lawyers utilize. Certain lawyers will charge a flat fee which covers all work. Hourly rates are also available, that add up all the time spent working on the case, including phone calls to the lawyer. Most personal injury and car accident attorneys use the concept of a contingency payment, which means there is no payment until the case is over and the settlement is received.

Although it sounds easy There are rules to contingency that you should discuss with your lawyer. If your case is successful, the lawyer fees that will be incurred do not match the actual expenses. Expert witnesses and other witnesses who testify must be paid out in advance and you need to make sure you and your lawyer are on the same on how it gets done.

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