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We all know. The information can be beneficial, especially if your flooring is being replaced. Though it’s entirely up to the preference of every person, experienced flooring professionals will advise you that there are certain methods to lay flooring that are better than the others. This video will give you the best practices for installing your flooring.

Your flooring should be perpendicular with the doorway. This allows for flooring to flow when visitors enter your home. If the floor is set parallel to the entrance and the door, it can cause it to appear cramped.

While you want to run your flooring perpendicular to your door’s frame, you’ll want to connect the flooring to the windows. It will allow the flooring to work to the light of nature rather than fighting against it. This is an easy method that could change the look of your flooring. The other thing to consider is the dimension of the room. Generally, flooring should run parallel to the wall that is longest. This gives flooring an appealing, natural look to the eye.


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