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, LA, and San Francisco were hotspots of Asian restaurant chains, and the majority were offering two distinct menus that were more conventional, while the other was more tailored towards American food preferences.

Globalization is a revolution in the realm of culinary art. More top chefs are employed than there ever was. There is the possibility of ordering ingredients from all over the world and have them shipped directly to your restaurant located in America. This allows you to make more diverse, authentic food items.

Chef in NYC, Fung Tu, discusses the way Asian fusions were first introduced by Chinese railroad employees adapting their dishes in accordance with the ideas and ingredients around the ingredients. The chef explains that fusion may be a broad term, and can have both negative and positive connotations.

Fung Tu develops recipes that mix culinary elements that originate from Asia and America, as well as from other cultures and geographic regions. He uses local New York ingredients for many of his recipes.

Chefs and the dining public are much more knowledgeable nowadays and can create innovative food concepts. Follow the link above for further details about Asian Fusion.


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