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You could use standard-issued power steering fluid, or you can add a variety of components to the engine of your vehicle. This can cause damage to the steering mechanism of your car and result in it failing
Change the Brake Fluid

A lot of car manufacturers recommend that owners replace their brake fluids at least once every 24,000mi , or every two years. There is a simple way to test the brake fluid. It takes only a few minutes to check the brake fluid by submerging an area of paper in the liquid. Next, compare your color to the chart on the package.

In order to absorb oil spills make use of sawdust

Sawdust can be used as a way to catch oil spills that have accumulated in your driveway, garage, or. Place some sawdust onto the spills of oil and allow it to sit for a few minutes before you sweep it away.

Brush Out Air Vents

Dust may build up inside the vents in your car’s air. The vacuum that comes with brush attachments may not be sufficient to get rid of the dust in the air vents in your vehicle. To dust the vents, buy a cheap paintbrush.

Pipe Insulation Hack

It’s an excellent method to prevent mobile phones and keys from being lost in cars’ seats.

Be sure to lubricate the tracks on the windows.

The window tracks of your vehicle could become jammed when frozen water is allowed to pass through it. You can avoid encountering the issue with your vehicle by lubricating its window’s tracks using a dry spray lubricant and spray silicon. Make sure that the lubricant is sufficient so that it is able to cover the entire windows tracks.

Utilize the Toothbrush to Detail Your Vehicle

Simple toothbrushes can be an useful to scrub all the spaces in your car’s interior. It can clean your vehicle just as it would for your teeth. After the toothbrush has loosened the gunk in your car and brings it back to its surface, you can remove it by wiping it away or vacuuming it. Also, you could employ the toothbrush


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