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HF Coors has a list of ways to select the right dinnerware set.

Choose dishes that are made in America , if you are looking to support American workers. These are usually prominently marked on the front of the container. The American List also features numerous American-made products.

Consider how you will make use of the dishware. Do you intend to be using every day, or only for occasion? The item can be placed in the microwave. Certain materials are not suitable for use when you microwave them like porcelain or melanin. Both bone china and earthenware can be used safely in the microwave.

Also, consider the method you’ll be using to clean the tableware. Are you using dishwashers, or will you be making dishes by hand? Some materials are not safe to place in the dishwasher such as stained stoneware.

After you’ve taken these important decisions It is now time to focus on the fun parts such as pattern and color. There are dinnerware sets that may not be circular. Take a look at the cabinet size to make sure you have room for your new dinnerware set.

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