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A custom hearse trailer transports the horse to the cremation center. The horse is taken to the location of cremation using an individualized hearse trailer. It is carried down using forklift attachments that take it gently and gently to the horse’s equine urn. If the horse is larger, equine cremations are the same that human cremation. The horse’s cremation process uses a more industrial-grade furnace for heating the carcass of the horse.

Many places offer many different solutions.
Private horse cremation: Each horse is cremated individually. In the process of cremation, there is no way that other animals will be mixed. The remains of the animal that has been cremated are then placed in an urn, and then given to the pet’s owner.

It’s also known as collective cremation. This is a more affordable alternative to private horse funerals. Cremation in this type of manner implies that several animals will be cremated simultaneously. The funeral is completely complete, and the owner does not receive an urn or animal funeral cremains. Instead, they are scattered across the grounds the pet cemetery.

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