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The last few years have witnessed significant advances in the field of medicine, which has allowed patients to undergo treatments with minimal or no discomfort.

If you exercise excellent oral hygiene, consume foods that are low in acid visiting the dentist on a regular basis, and wear an appropriate mouthguard during rigorous exercise, your teeth and gums have an increased chance of staying in good health throughout your lifetime.

Everyone, not just children are advised to visit the dentist every six months. Here are the top questions about dental health and dental anatomy.

Is the jaw bone attached to the teeth? Three parts make up the tooth comprising the root, neck, and the crown. The root is the largest component of the tooth. It is attached to the jawbone. The amount and the density of your jawbone may be improved in areas that’ve lost bone due to dental bone grafts or an artificial bone for teeth.

Are teeth implants bad for your health? Implants may improve the quality of life. But, they’re also not completely safe such as the spread of infection, loss of gum tissue and damages to other tissues as well as nerves.

Implants for permanent dental use and artificial dental implants form the two main categories in which dental implants belong.


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