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AFP News Agency examines a bail bonding business and discusses what it does to the criminal justice system.

The largest bail bond business in New York is run by Michelle”Bail Bond Queen “Bail Bond Queen”. If the defendant cannot afford bail, bail bond companies such as hers have a fee (a small amount of money). The bail is paid for by the company to ensure that the person accused of a crime doesn’t have to go into jail.

But, if you miss a court date could mean bounty hunters, employees of bail bonding companies, will search and retrieve the accused, as the money of the bail bonding company is in danger. These bounty hunters don’t usually need to have a warrant for searching homes. If they find the suspect in their home, they’ll take every step to get the person back.

However, critics point out that bail bonding has become obsolete and is causing more harm than benefit for people in poverty. While some believe the practice is unjust and should be stopped, the advocates of bail bonding say it assists criminals to get justice. It also costs taxpayers little. xruzmrfufa.

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