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In the clip, “Wood Floor Trusses – Excellent Benefits” it is revealed that wood Trusses that have metal plates for connectors have been used since the 1970s. These trusses are made using computers so that you can rest at ease knowing that they can support your home in just the manner you require. The most significant benefit of Trusses is that they can support large areas of your home with no needing an additional support beam.

When we examine the subject more closely, we will see that wooden floor trusses can also be useful due to their specific design. This means that they can be constructed to hold specific items in your home. A kitchen island would be one example of a particular burden that the trusses could help support.

Another benefit is the endless options that floor trusses have to offer. You can have an open floor plan because you won’t need support walls as often. There are more options when designing your interior.


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